Lifting equipment and Jib Cranes

We specialise in lifting equipment at Otahuhu Engineering, so if you need specialised lifting equipment, please give us a call. This includes jib cranes, mono rails, lifting beams, and more. We have experience designing and manufacturing customised lifting solutions.

You can also get help or advice from a member of our experienced team on any query or issue you have relating to lifting at your facility. Please call today to find out more.

Our Services

  • Design, manufacture, and installation of new cranes
  • Second-hand crane installation
  • Moving cranes to a different location, either in your existing premises or somewhere new
  • Certified repairs to lifting equipment
  • Custom-built jib cranes, monorail systems, and lifting beams

Professional Service and Competitive Prices

Whether your crane has broken down, you need a crane moved, or you need a crane installed at a new location, you will get a professional level of service from our team every time. That service is reliable and the standard of workmanship you’ll get is second to none.

To get a quote for whatever crane service you need, please contact us today by calling 09 276 6473.