Onsite Machining Services

Whenever you need onsite machining, you should call us at Otahuhu Engineering. Our portable machining service will save you money, hassle, and time, plus you’ll get top quality workmanship from an experienced and skilled team.

We offer onsite machining services:

  • Portable line boring
  • Portable milling, including magnetic milling
  • Keyway milling

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Portable Line Boring Services

  • Machining pivot holes of up to 1m in diameter on any type of machine
  • Welding holes back to their original size
  • Facing
  • Circlip groove machining
  • Optical Bore scope alignment equipment
  • And more

We back up our portable line boring services, manufacturing, for example, hardened pins.

Portable Milling

Our portable milling machine capabilities include:

  • Machine flat surfaces accurately
  • Suitable for any type of machine
  • Ability to machine surfaces to very close tolerances
  • Our magnetic milling machine offers very quick setup for small milling jobs

Benefits of Our Onsite Machining Service

  • Eliminates the need for dismantling, transporting, and then re-building the machine
  • Reduces machine downtime
  • Lowers the overall cost to your business
  • Saves you time

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