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How to Assess the Expertise of an Auckland Engineering Company

Selecting the right engineering company in Auckland could make or break your project. That said, many options exist, and it can be difficult to assess which one is right for you. After all, Auckland is a hub for innovation and development, meaning there are many engineering firms to choose from.

So, it all comes down to expertise. How do you assess the expertise of an Auckland engineering company that you’ve never worked with before? By getting some expert input from the Otahuhu Engineering team! Here, we’ll guide you through how you can measure up your prospective candidates.

Evaluate Their Past Work

Nothing proves an engineering company is worth its salt quite like a good body of past work. Portfolios, galleries, and past projects give you a window into a given company’s project history. Thoroughly examine the portfolio of any company you’re considering, checking which details they highlight and how they discuss each project.

This is a great opportunity to assess if the company will align with the needs of your project. Not all engineering teams are suited to every task. A diverse and accomplished portfolio with clear details is a strong indicator that this team is ready to take on your job.

Otahuhu Engineering has been serving companies around Auckland for over 50 years, so our portfolio is as robust as our results are. Curious if your project aligns with our specialties? Get in touch with our team for a consultation.

Innovation and Technology Adoption

When vetting engineering companies in Auckland, searching for signs of early adoption of new technologies will get you far. Forward-thinking companies have their finger on the pulse of various industries, embracing innovation and out-of-the-box thinking in their approach.

This is ideal in all cases, but especially if you have a project that requires a creative solution. Investing in cutting-edge tools, up-to-date training, and trend analysis are all signs that a given company is ready to take on the job.

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but we happen to disagree. 50 years on the job and going strong, the Otahuhu Engineering team is always looking for opportunities to expand our range of equipment, engineering services, and techniques.

Team Expertise

Next up, when assessing if an engineering team will align with your needs, you can’t go wrong with looking for signs of expertise. Some of these are tangible, such as concrete industry qualifications, while others are less tangible, like customer testimonials or how they discuss their work.

The best indicators that a team knows what they’re doing include:

·        A diverse team from multiple engineering backgrounds

·        Clear, reliable communication style during your consultation

·        A broad range of services across multiple aspects of engineering

·        Capabilities beyond the technical (offering project management & analysis)

Otahuhu Engineering has been in the business for over five decades. In that time, we’ve had the pleasure of amassing a well-rounded team of engineers who are ready to deliver services across the full spectrum of engineering work. From project management to on-the-ground dirty work, we’ve got you covered.

Services On Offer

A given engineering company might be professional, reliable, and well-priced, but they’re not a good fit if they don’t offer the right services. Look for an engineering company in Auckland that provides services per your project’s needs.

Not only that, look into the peripherals of the services. Can they offer customised service? Are they equipped with the infrastructure to accelerate your turnaround time when needed? Long-standing Auckland engineering companies are often more prepared to work on long-term projects requiring diverse services.

At Otahuhu Engineering, our prompt and reliable team has extensive experience across a number of engineering services. These include precision machining, general engineering, CNC machining, portable machining, fabrication, design, repair, and even maintenance of existing machinery.

Collaboration and Communication

Finally, a vital part of identifying the right Auckland engineering company is finding one with an excellent communication philosophy. Ultimately, you’re partnering with a company to ensure your project goes according to plan. Effective communication and collaboration will get your project over the finish line. But how can you tell if a team is up to scratch?

It all begins with the first contact. From the moment you reach out to a company, assess how they communicate with you. Are they prompt and reliable? Are they conscious of your needs? Do they ask the right questions? What do they do to foster a positive working relationship from the outset?

If a company is on-point at the consultation stage, they’ll most likely measure up when it comes time to grind those faces true. You can also check on testimonials and reviews to see how other clients found their communication style throughout the project lifecycle.

At Otahuhu Engineering, communication is at the core of how we work. We bring the highest standard of workmanship to everything we do, ensuring we’re dependable with deadlines and open with communication to avoid any obstacles before the project’s finish line.

Your reliable, professional, family-owned Auckland engineering team.

Ready to make an informed decision? Select the engineering company in Auckland that will be there every step of the way. Jump in with the experts at Otahuhu Engineering.Our doors have been open since 1969, so we have decades of experience solving the complex engineering problems of companies just like yours. Embrace reliability, flexibility, and a commitment to excellence when you work with Otahuhu Engineering. Reach out to us for a consultation today.