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Why Auckland Businesses Trust Our Engineering Expertise

As Auckland continues to grow, the need for a qualified engineering company grows with it. Developers, contractors, and site owners alike all need partners to innovate with them, striving to meet the ever-evolving demands of their industries. But first, you have to find the right engineering company to partner with.

On the hunt for a qualified engineering company in Auckland? With over fifty years of experience, fifteen total engineering experts and over one hundred happy clients served, we’re proud to be the leaders in our industry. This blog post reviews why Auckland businesses trust us to spearhead their builds from A to Z.

Read on to discover Otahuhu Engineering from the ground up.

Who We Are

Founded by Peter Cranch all the way back in 1969, we’re proud to boast over fifty years of engineering experience. Fundamentally, our job is to solve your problems. You bring us your vision, and we solve one problem after the next to bring it to life. We’re able to do this because we value out-of-the-box thinking, never accepting ‘that’s just how it’s done’ as an answer until we’ve explored all avenues with you.

Our values are:

·        Professionalism. We’re working with you to create your vision and take that task seriously. Expect a professional, friendly team to turn up daily until our contract ends.

·        Reliability. Well-engineered structures are reliable, so we must be, too.

·        Innovation. Out with the old and in with the new, turns out you can teach an old dog new tricks! Even after fifty years in the business, we’re always ready to try new ways of doing things.

·        Figure-outability. When every other engineering company has said no, or when you’ve been told a job is too complex, come to us. We’re all about finding unique solutions.

These values are the guiding light that has built us into one of the region’s most trusted engineering services companies, and it’s why we hold them so close to this day.

Reliability is at the core of what we do. We are a reliable team for our clients, and beyond that, we help build reliable structures that will stand the test of time. We are proud to be the leading engineering company in Auckland.

Comprehensive Range of Services

Thanks to a varied staff and years of experience in the engineering business, we’ve built up a comprehensive range of services to offer our clients. From engineering design to manufacturing, maintenance, and on-site machining, we offer our clients a network of tools and facilities.

We bridge the gap between specialised and general engineering services, and this is the power of having a diverse range of engineers on your team.

Our full range of engineering services includes:

·        Engineering design.

·        Manufacturing.

·        On-site machining.

·        Maintenance and repairs.

·        Architectural steelwork.

·        Jib cranes and lifting equipment.

Our customers trust us because we go the extra mile. We offer guidance where it’s needed and follow leads where it isn’t. Most importantly, we prioritise clear and transparent communication the whole way to ensure you always know what the next step is.

A Proven Track Record

Finally, seeing it for yourself is the only thing better than hearing about our experience. We have a full gallery of past projects demonstrating some of our best work over the years, enabling you to peek behind the curtain. Below, we’re highlighting just two of these projects, but feel free to explore our track record further via our completed engineering projects gallery.

The 50-Metre Superyacht

Superyachts are luxury vessels made for people who are used to the best, leaving no room for error. Recently, we went to work on a $32 million superyacht, carrying out the line boring of two stern tubes and rear supports for a boat that spanned 50 metres.

During our work, it was vital to accurately machine the bores and flange faces using our purpose-built variable feed facing head. This would allow the two 3000hp Caterpillar engines to drive massive props beneath the water, propelling the yacht along at speed even when under load.

Built for entertainment and cruising the high seas, this project had to come out on time, on budget, and just right to satisfy our customers. With our expertise, we completed it within the tight timeframe and helped to get them on the water promptly.

The 1880 Cannon

Commissioned by the Department of Conservation and Salmond Reed Architects, we went to work on a Cannon built in 1880. Positioned at North Head in Devonport, this was a landmark in New Zealand’s history. Therefore, it was vitally important that the cannon be restored properly and carefully.

We cast the breech blockhead of the cannon using bronze, then used that cast to manufacture a new galvanised breech block from scratch to match the cannon’s existing material. After designing and building a supportive framework, restoring the cannon, and carefully collaborating with relevant stakeholders, the 1880 cannon could be fired for the first time in a century.

With all that and more in our arsenal, we’re proud to offer our services to the Auckland region. If you’re contracting an engineering company in Auckland – no matter the project – reach out to Otahuhu Engineering today.

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